The Best Gray Cat Breed with Stunning Physical Appearance

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The Best Gray Cat Breed with Stunning Physical Appearance

Gray cat breed is often sought by cat lovers. It is believed that gray-colored cats are the best, especially when it comes to physical appearance. It is quite true. Most gray cats are extraordinarily beautiful. Their greyish-silvery fur makes their body looks shimmering and beautiful. There are many breeds of gray-colored cats. If you have no idea about them and want to find out, you can get the answer down below.


  1. Chartreux
    When talking about gray cat, Chatreux is probably the first breed of cat that crosses your mind. Chatreux is French cat, as you can tell from the name. This breed is well-known as one of the oldest breeds of cat exists in Europe. The physical appearance of a Chatreux is basically very beautiful. It has sleek and slender body with grey, almost bluish short coat. The cat is a great companion because its nature is very playful. Chatreux cats love to socialize with people and they are very calm.


  1. British Shorthair
    British Shorthair is one of the most well-known breeds of gray cat around the world. It has short and cubby body, making it looks really cute. The coat of fur wrapping the cat is simply stunning. The shade of its coat is basically the combination of silver and gray. The beauty of British Shorthair and its adorable stature makes a lot of people use this breed of cat as models for plush toy. The characteristics of this gray cat breed are calm, playful, and love to goof around.


  1. Russian Blue
    Even though the name is Russian Blue, this breed of cat is believed to be originated from England, not Russia. Speaking about its appearance, Russian Blue is considered to be the most beautiful cat all across the world. This is why when people are looking for gray cat for sale; most of them end up buying a Russian Blue kitten. Russian Blue cats have grayish-bluish fur. Their stature is slender, sleek, and elegant. They literally glow under the sun and make them look extremely pretty.

Those are some of the best breeds of gray-colored cats. Keeping cats as pet is not all about companion and playfulness. Sometimes, it is also about the appearance of the cat. Seeing beautiful-looking cats walking around the house is surely a pretty scene. For that purpose, the only possible answer is to get gray cat breed because they are simply the most beautiful.

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