What to Know about Flat Faced Cats Breeds along with Their Health Issues

What to Know about Flat Faced Cats Breeds along with Their Health Issues

Flat faced cats breeds typically have doll eyes and overturned muzzle which is adorable. Some popular types of flat faced cats are Burmese, Himalayan and Persian cats. Their calm temperaments and sweet personalities make them cute.

On contrary, their health issue, nonetheless, make them being a frightening. These cat breeds are famous as brachycephalic. Their definite look is instantly recognizable like big eyes, flat faces and short muzzles. Various flat faced brachycephalic cats are sorted with flatter faces. Sadly, it resulted in noticeably deformed heads and variety of health issues.

Flat faced cats may look adorable to you, but that impression also have some distinctive complications as well. They definitely need more care rather than domestic cats such as irregular baths, daily eye cleaning and also daily combing. They can even experience numerous health issues by reason of this genetic trait the cats have. So what should you do to take care of your flat faced cat?


  • Breathing difficulties
    For your information, brachycephalic cats have indistinct skulls such as Himalayans and Persians. Essentially, their indistinct head shape could possibly lead to some medical issue. The issues are generally similar with issues on brachycephalic dogs as well. In case your flat faced cats breeds have a trend to gasp and sniff and their face like pushed in, they might experience inhalation difficulties. In addition, breathing difficulties are the major concern for most flat faced cats. Furthermore, the severity of the health issues is depending on their skull’s shape.


  • Corneal inflammation
    As flat faced cats have bulky, obtruding eyes their eyelids habitually don’t close entirely when they are blinking. In result, the exposure of cornea is extremely increasing. These kinds of cats might develop corneal inflammation which is named keratitis. This uncomfortable condition generally obliges surgical intervention as well.


  • Eye infection
    Brachycephalic cats typically experience pushy eye discharge. In most brachy cats, there is abnormality on tear ducts path due to the skull’s shape changes, making the tears cannot drain properly. The tear staining can also lead to eye infection as the result.


  • Dental issue
    The head malformation can possibly affect the cat’s jaw, making the jaw and teeth to be uneven. They regularly can’t chew and bite appropriately, leading to some dental issues along with eating difficulty.

Once you have decided to bring flat faced cats breeds at home, you will need to be more attentive as well as providing extra care.


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