Choosing the Right Advantage for Cats Over 9 lbs

Choosing the Right Advantage for Cats Over 9 lbs

When it comes to a cat with flea, Advantage for cats over 9 lbs could be a great product to opt for. As you know, choosing the appropriate product to keep your kitten from fleas could be difficult. In addition, Advantage is one of the most recommended products to get rid of fleas on your kitten’s hair.

Advantage is such a topical medicine which kills adult fleas as well as preventing the eggs from mounting into adult fleas. The product is claimed to work for thirty days full. Thing you have to note is that you have to lower the application number to keep your cat flea free. Since the ingredients are waterproof, therefore you don’t need to worry about reapplying once your feline intuitively getting wet. The active ingredients of this product are pyriproxyfen and imidacloprid.

How does Advantage for cats work? Well, Imidacloprid actually acts as a neurotoxin in all insects. It causes them to lose control within their innermost nervous system. Eventually, it leads to paralysis and sudden death. Furthermore, it is also slightly toxic to some mammals and shouldn’t use for other animals but cats. This is one of the most common used insecticides as well as considered as somewhat poisonous when it is ingested orally. On the other hand, pyriproxyfen is such an infantile hormone analog which thwart insect chrysalis from becoming adults. It, furthermore, interrupts the cycle of life by putting off the insect’s full development.

How to use the advantage for cats over 9 lbs to get rid of flea? Well, all you have to do is applying Advantage to the back of your kitten’s neck one time in a month. It has to be applied at the skull juncture along with the spine in order to put off your kitten from licking the cared spot. Avoid washing your kitten for about twenty four hours after the application.

In fact, there are two major precautions found in Advantage products. Firstly, you have to avoid applying the product over your cat’s mouth or eyes. Additionally, you also have to avoid get in touch with skin on human being and have to call a doctor if it is swallowed. It can’t be used on nursing, pregnant and aged animals.

Even though there are no hearsays of definite injury from advantage for cats over 9 lbs, there are some concerns you have to regard. It doesn’t appear to work by any means on other parasites but fleas. Whether your cat is an outdoor or indoor variety, you might want to consider another related product.

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