Some Solutions for Cat Teething to Reduce the Pain

Some Solutions for Cat Teething to Reduce the Pain

In certain ages, cats, especially kittens, will have cat teething. This is the moment when they are going to replace their baby teeth to the mature teeth. This is like the phenomena happened in humans. It becomes one of the important moments for your cat, so you must pay attention.

This is necessary stage for your cat. In this moment, cat will start to lose their appetite and they will love to chew and bite many things. These become the symptoms. In some toys, you may even find some stain of blood, and you do not have to worry about it. This is normal to happen, but you need to give proper attentio because it can create bad habits. Of course, you must do something about it.


  1. Softer food
    Your cat will start to lose appetite and this cannot be ignored. If you do nothing for it, your cat can lose weight and it may bring some health problem. Cat can lose the weight because the teeth are not comfortable for chewing. As a solution, you must find softer foods. It can help your cat, so it can eat with less pain.
  2. Stop brushing the teeth
    Although some vets say that you can keep brushing the teeth by doing it slowly, actually you may need to stop several times. This is important to do especially when you find blood stains on the gums. By stopping this activity, you save the cat since it does not need to endure the pain in order to be hygiene.
  3. Provide cat toys
    In the moment of cat teething, you need toys, so it can release the pain. This is also helpful to provide assistances in the process of replacing the teeth. However, you must find soft toys and it is better if you find toys dedicated for the teething. The toys must be soft, so it will not hurt the gum. Rubber or fabric is safe to choose. You may also provide damp cold cloth as the homemade cat teething toys. The cold cloth is useful for teething and reducing the pain.


Those are some solutions for you. They can be useful suggestions to help your cats. However, you still need to check the teeth. If you find unusual cases on the teeth, you should bring the cat to vet in order to get proper treatment. These all are to make sure that your cat will have no problem in cat teething moment.

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