Considering the Appropriate Cat Shampoo for Dandruff

Considering the Appropriate Cat Shampoo for Dandruff

Unlike human dandruff, cat shampoo for dandruff contains a protein which is able to be somewhat irritating if you are allergic or sensitive. In fact, dandruff is one of the most common problems on your cats. Like human, dandruff on cat is made-up of dead skin cells.

What makes cat get dandruff? Well, dry environment or seasonal changes can cause dandruff on skin of your cat. Furthermore, obesity can also contribute to dandruff problem since it limits the mobility of cat. Another cause could be actual skin disease. If dandruff is accompanied by skin redness and hair loss, it could end up a condition named walking dandruff. See your vet immediately for further medication.

As most cats are grooming themselves, so you don’t need to bath them so often. Nonetheless, you might find yourself at certain situation where you really need to bathe your cat. When bathing it, make sure to apply the appropriate cat shampoo. Be sure that the shampoo you have chosen is specially made for cat. Choose one based on skin needs of your cat. If your cat has a brittle coat or dry skin, consider using waterless shampoo.

Avoid using human or dog shampoos as they will dry out the cat’s skin. Human shampoo can also hurt your cat especially when they are grooming. It also contains toxic which is dangerous for your feline. Alternatively, try to choose shampoo with simple ingredients. Read on the products carefully right on the shampoo ingredients. It is important as a cat grooms by herself, means that he will ingest and lick whatever on her coat.

In almost condition, cats typically do not need using separate conditioner. In case your cat has dandruff, consider choosing cat shampoo for dandruff that could help. The shampoo contains some conditioning agents and essential oils that will make your cat’s coat moisture and softer.

If your cat eats healthy, it will actually show in your cat’s skin. Ask to your vet about additional supplements that can help maintain a healthy skin as well as enriching it with some essential oils. Your vet may also recommend adding wet food for your kitten.

When it comes to dandruff shampoo ingredients you have to watch out carefully. Ingredients like chamomile oil, tea tree oil and aloe vera are great to soothe your cat’s skin. However, those can actually be toxic for your cats. If your kitten has badly dandruff, she may have serious medical issue. Consider to talk with your vet about the condition along with how to treat it with appropriate cat shampoo for dandruff.

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