How to Treat Mange in Cats by Using Simple Home Remedies

How to Treat Mange in Cats by Using Simple Home Remedies

Mange is one of common problems on cats and you need to know how to treat mange in cats. It is true that mange is quite common to happen in cats. Most of them have this issue but it cannot be taken lightly. Even, serious attention and treatment are needed if you really love your cat.


Actually, there are some options of mange in cat home remedy to choose. Some home remedies can be chosen as first or early treatment, so it is not necessary to always bring the cats to vet. However, these home remedies are effective only when the mange has not got too serious. When it is still quite early and you can figure it out soon, use home remedies.


  1. Shampoo and warm water
    The first treatment is to clean the mites. Mange is caused by mites living on skins of your cats. One of effective ways is to use warm water. You can give proper bath for your lovely cat and it must be warm water. Shampoo is the good option to add since it will be able to remove the mites more effectively. You need to do this regularly even when the mange is fully cured. Regular bath is needed to keep its fur and skin health.
  2. Cedar and neem oil
    These two oils use organic herbs that are effective to kill mites, and cure the irritated skins. The neem oil is great to cure the skins, while cedar oil can control and kill the mites. These oils can be applied on ears since mites grow on cat’s ears. Related to how to treat mange in cats, cotton buds can be used to clean the mites and treat the irritated skins.
  3. Clean the environment
    This is also important. Cleaner environment is good for you and your cat’s health. Sweeping is not enough since you need to use vacuum cleaner on carpets, rugs, and other favorite spots of your cats. Vacuum cleaner will work effectively to clean the area.


These home remedies and treatments can be applied easily. Of course, you need to do things smoothly since some irritated areas are so sensitive. In this case, you need to keep in mind that these remedies are effective for early cases of mange. When it becomes worse, you need to find vet to give proper treatment and medication. Surely, this information of how to treat mange in cats can be useful to help your lovely cat.

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