Some Causes of Cat Vomiting white Foam that You Need to Know

Some Causes of Cat Vomiting white Foam that You Need to Know

When you see your cat vomiting white foam, you may get shocked and worry about the condition. It is normal to worry. Even for human, vomiting is not common thing to happen and some cases have vomiting as its symptom. However, you need to know some causes of vomiting and other relevant information, so you will be able to make good response and treatment for your cat.

You have to keep in mind that vomiting is not always serious problems. Some cases happen because of common problems, and there is nothing to worry about it. However, this may also become symptoms of serious health problems. That is why you need to know the condition and other information about it. By doing so, you know what to do after this happens. Here are some causes you should notice.


  1. Hairballs
    This is the first common cause. It happens when the hair enters digestive system. This is actually normal to happen because all cats have habit of grooming their own body. Therefore, some hairs may enter the mouth and create such a hairball. Vomiting is the natural mechanism to throw out the hair or furs. When this happens several times, it is better to bring your cats to get good grooming.
  2. Changes of food
    When you see cat vomiting white foam and not eating, usually it is caused by change of its diets or food. When you apply new diet program to change their regular foods, this is quite common to happen. It becomes the response of the digestive system. However, when this happens several times, you need to get some other alternatives.
  3. Gastritis
    Gastritis or stomach inflammation is the next cause. When you see the cat vomiting white foam, this can be one of the symptoms. When it is followed by throwing up blood, there is a serious problem in its digestive system. Well, gastritis is one of them. This is different from other causes and your cat needs to get proper treatment from vet as soon as possible.


By paying attention to the causes, you will be able to do treatments and give some solutions for your cat. As long as it is not serious problem, it is fine to handle it by yourself. However, when it is worse, vet is the right place to go since cat vomiting white foam can lead to worse health problems that need proper medication.

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