Knowing More Details and Information about Lysine Cat Treats

Knowing More Details and Information about Lysine Cat Treats

Herpes virus on cat is a kind of health issues that can be treated by lysine cat treats. What is lysine? Well, cat shares some similar proteins with human. In order to get rid of herpes virus, lysine is what vet puts on prescription. Lysine is amino acid to increase immune system and isolate virus. As the result, cat will be better and every symptom will go away after few treatments. In order to find suitable lysine product, you should read the following section as references.

Knowing More Details and Information about Lysine Cat Treats

  1. Cat immune system
    Keep in mind that lysine is not medicine, though cat owner cannot give without proper suggestion. It is like supplement, but only for herpes treatment. The cat might look like having influenza due to runny eyes and nose. The temperature is low, and body feels pain due to muscle train affected by this virus. It happens because the immune system is at low level. As the result, your cat is easily infected, and herpes virus can stay for longer period. This is why you should give lysine cat treats as treatment. The cat will regain its immune system that helps to destroy virus. Therefore, the cat is in fit condition again and no sign of illness appear.
  2. Lysine ingredients
    What are ingredients in lysine for cats? The products use chicken liver and additional flavor like cheese. As mentioned above, lysine is a type of amino acid which can be extracted from other animal. In that case, manufacturers decide to pick chicken liver. As treat, you might find some variations in term of form. The simple product is chew-mode lysine where cat can eat it easily. Another form is spray for inhale method. It is suitable for critical condition where cat cannot actively do chewing on their own. Spray is flexible and easy to control how much you will put inside cat body.
  3. Vet prescription
    This treat is for cat in herpes virus infection. You cannot provide lysine for healthy cat, except with vet prescription. Moreover, the cat might do not like this lysine due to the taste and smell. Even though, the product is designed to adjust with cat sense. Healthy condition feels uncomfortable to chew lysine. Therefore, you can only give it when your cat is sick.


Where do you buy lysine treats? It is available at pet store, specifically for cat. There are many brands with similar compounds. Which one is suitable for your cat? Vet can give general instruction what lysine that should be bought. You have to pick one based on that prescription then give lysine cat treats immediately.

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