Cat Teething Toy and Things to Know Before Purchasing

Cat Teething Toy and Things to Know Before Purchasing

You might have issue to find suitable product as cat teething toy. This kind of toy is designed to ease teething behavior in cat. Even though cat is pet; there is still animal instinct related to primal behavior. That’s why you should consider to keep their teeth busy in order to keep the surrounding from torn apart. Which toy is the most suitable one? Purchasing is easy, but you should understand why toy is suitable for cat at all to avoid unwanted situation.


  1. Teething Toy Material
    Teething in adult cat is rare because its behavior is relatively calm, though at same period might turn wild. In general, you need teething toy for kitten with age between three to six months. Therefore, you should pick soft material with strong compound. This is important thing when deciding to get cat teething toy. The material does not feel rough in cat mouth, but it’s durable to prevent broken apart completely.
  2. Teething Toy Design
    The next thing is about design. Cat has tendency to enjoy new toy due to attractive design. After several days, the toy is not as interesting as it was. In that situation, owner must try another way to force the cat in keeping this teething toy. The design is varied from simple ball to complex catnips. You can have stick or rope style for teething toy. Another design is mouse-like toy that can move around. It is not just teething toy, but suitable for daily attraction to keep them in focus. Catnip toy is also available for chewing in stick design. Choose the most suitable one based on cat personality.
  3. Teething Toy Safety
    As a note, safety is important when you want to provide safe chew toy for cats. Safety is related to design, material, and functionality. Manufacturers produce this toy with utmost consideration. However, it is the cat owner who decides which one for the cat. Read manual book to know ingredients and how to operate it properly.


Before purchasing, there is a way to know whether your cat will like it or not. Some stores provide sample for their products to let the owners try directly to their cat. It helps to learn which product is suitable and better based on cat’s personality. With the right product, you do not have to worry anymore when the cat tries to break the cat teething toy apart.

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