The Useful Information about Dog Swollen Eye Home Treatment

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Dog swollen eye home treatment

When you find that your dog’s eye is swollen, you will need dog swollen eye home treatment. Home treatment and home remedy can be first option of solution. Although it is much better to bring your dog to the vet as soon as possible, sometimes it is impossible to do that. In this case, these tips can be so helpful. There can be causes of swollen eyes and this may also lead to several health problems. However, most of them have the same solutions or treatment.


When your dog’s eyes are swollen, there can be many causes. Most of them is caused by stranger things in the eye. Infection is other cause of swollen eyes. Usually, your dogs will try to scratch the eyes that lead to red or have many tears. In some worse cases, the eyes are swollen. This needs your treatment as soon as possible before the problems get worse.


  1. Wash the eye
    This is the first reference of dog swollen eye home treatment. You need saline and water to clean the eyes. If it is possible, mix half of teaspoon of salt. The salt is useful to neutralize the infection. However, you must mix the salt and water well, so it will not make your dog painful. Related to how to clean dog’s eye infection, cotton balls are good tool to clean the eyes.
  2. Chamomile tea
    This is also good treatment and remedy. You only need to soak cotton balls in tea and use them to cleanse the eyes. This must be done regularly in order to prevent any worse infections.
  3. Herbal remedies
    There are some herbal ingredients to try. Calendula, red clover, and chamomile are some herbs and their extracts are useful to treat the infection. You can apply the extract by mixing them with water. They are great to cleanse the infections and provide good prevention of worse conditions in the eye.

Those become some options of home treatments. All of them are easy to do. However, you must be patient and brave to do the jobs. If you are not sure about this, you may ask for helps. Therefore, you have partner to hold the dog while cleansing the eyes. Then, during the treatment, put a cone, so the dog cannot scratch the eye. If the dog swollen eye home treatment does not show better condition, vet is the best place to go.

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