Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food

Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food and How to Choose the Best One

Automatic cat feeder wet food is solution for pet owners to feed their cat easily. Why do you need automatic feeder? You have cat, but also need to work or school. Moreover, you might go on vacation and do not want your pets feel hungry. The last reason is training to control their feeding capacity. Many tools have pros and cons, but you should look for the most suitable one.


Important Things about Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food

1. Design and configuration

The first thing that comes in mind is why type of feeder you should have. In general, automatic feeder has two designs. Firstly, it is completely automatic plate and will open at specific time. Wet food is quite risky when receiving air exposure. That’s why you need automatic lid that can be opened after programmed automatically. Next design is gravity style where the food will be at the bottom, but you refill from the top. It consists of full automatic system to control the lid, so the food naturally goes down after everything at bottom is eaten.


2. Well-programmed and power source

The best automatic cat feeder wet food is easy to program based on what you need. Simple programming is feeding time. Standard control is interval that can be adjusted based on specific period. For example, you can set the feeder to be ready every four hours. Automatic device uses electricity as power source. You can get this one via battery or electrical cord. The battery is reliable choice for temporary feeding. However, you need power cord directly to the socket to gather more electricity for longer utilization.


3. Capacity and safety

For one cat, you can have standard capacity. More cats mean bigger place to put cat food. Choose the capacity based on how many feeding time you want to do. Normally, the device is capable to handle up to five meal times. Gravity-style feeder lasts longer due to big jar. Besides capacity, you have to ensure safety for cat during feeding. Using power cord has a risk for being trimmed. In that case, you might consider putting safety cover as tamper proof cat feeder.

Each of feeders has the basic function to fulfill your need in term of feeding session. Another feature includes voice recorder to attract the cat. The main thing about automatic cat feeder wet food is your cat can recognize where to go when hungry.

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