Knowing Why Cat Throwing Up Undigested Food

Knowing Why Cat Throwing Up Undigested Food

Vomiting or cat throwing up undigested food is the most common messier aspect of having a cat. In addition, it has such notably weak stomachs which force out grossness from the inside of stomach. The good news is that vomiting is moderately regular occurrence. The normal vomiting happened on one occasion or so, with pooping and feeding activities continuing normally. If your cat vomits frequently with blood, becomes sluggish, having diarrhea or constipation and having diminished hunger, there’s something wrong with it.

Otherwise, it behaves normally, next-time you find your cat leave its own food, you may need to know the causes. Luckily, there are some easy solutions to overwhelm them. However, if you are in doubt, it would be better to see your vet.

Causes of Cat Throwing Up Undigested Food

In order to overcome your cat from vomiting, it is important to figure out what actually happens along with what makes it so. Furthermore, there are some factors affect your cat throwing up undigested food repeatedly. Here are some of them!

  • Eating too fast
    Most cats eat excessively fast as they are quadrupeds. It makes them to eat so fast and lead them to vomit what they have eaten few minutes after consuming foods. The only solution is by slowing them down. You can fill down the food into a denser chunk that allows your cat to have more effort to pick the food apart.
  • Too much eating
    Too much eating also can lead your cats vomit their foods. However, you can counteract this by feeding your cats at small portion in a day rather-than feed them once a day with a big meal.
  • Too cold foods
    In addition, cats don’t need to eat the whole wet food you feed them. Avoid giving them cold food which stored in the fridge that will make it too cold for your cats. That might induce vomiting to your cat. To overcome this, you can still store cats’ food in the fridge, but you will need to allow it for a moment to become room temperature before dishing it up.
  • Something wrong happen in your cat
    When vomiting is accompanied with other symptoms like mentioned above, it tends to indicate that your cat has serious problem that need to be cured by a vet.

Cat vomiting are not the only problem when you are having a cat.  But, other funny things they do is really can make your day. Finding out the best solutions to overcome cat throwing up undigested food is the only thing you have to do.

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