Low Phosphorus Cat Food that Any Cat Owner Should Know

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low phosphorus cat food

Low phosphorus cat food should be given to cats that suffer from CKD (chronic kidney disease). It is important to highlight foods with low phosphate content in order to treat the cats with this illness. First of all, knowing what CKD should not be skipped. Let’s talk about it.

As mentioned above, CKD stands for chronic kidney disease. In this case, cats’ kidneys cannot regulate phosphorus properly. It may lead the cats to have high levels of phosphorus in their body. Although this kind of mineral is actually good to maintain the health, it won’t be like that for cats with CKD. Before talking further about low phosphorus cat food, it is good to know the dietary management for cats with this disease.

Three main aspects should be underlined. The first one is water intake. Maintaining water intake should be done to get the cats hydrated. Because the kidney cannot operate properly, the cats need to drink a lot of water. Yet, mind how much water you should give to the cats. Another thing to do to maintain the water intake is to provide wet foods. It is a better option than dry cat foods.

The second one is to mind the protein content. Renal failure can be cause by protein breakdown. Thus, cats should have cat food that contains high protein and it is digestible. Do not let the cats lose some weight when they are in CKD. The third one which has been mentioned before is to get them low phosphorus food. There is low phosphorus wet cat food chart that may help you deciding what food to give.

Firstly, there is cat food from Fusie cat premium. White meat chicken is the main ingredients and it is rich in DHA. Again it is grain free that it is good to consume. Secondly, there is urinary tract health formula from Purina ONE. Although it is a dry cat food, it is fine for cats with CKD. Made from real chicken, it contains omega-6 and vitamins. The next is kidney function cat food from Purina NF. As seen by its name, it is perfect to eat for CKD cats. It contains phosphorus, proteins, potassium, and salts in which the level has been adjusted.

Last but not least, there is urinary tract multicare from Hill’s prescription diet. In order to maintain healthiness of the bladder, this food gives what the cats need. That’s it. Hope all of the information regarding the low phosphorus cat food is useful as reference.

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