Simple Steps to Make Feral Cat House Rubbermaid

Simple Steps to Make Feral Cat House Rubbermaid

Feral cat house Rubbermaid box can be a suitable place for the stray cats out there. It is a sturdy box that also comes with various sizes, so you can adjust the size with the numbers of cat you want to take care of.  Furthermore, with only a Rubbermaid box, you can be a superhero for the stray cats. The feral cats will thank you for providing them a safe and comfortable place to stay. Why it has to be specifically Rubbermaid box? It is suitable for any weather. However, besides this Rubbermaid box, you will need some equipment and materials to support this shelter. You don’t have to worry because you can find those things in the house. Alright, let’s start your deed with this tutorial.

As a note, the main things you need are of course, a Rubbermaid box with any size, Styrofoam cooler box, a Styrofoam lit, knife, straw, and a bowl. First of all, create two holes on the box using a bowl. After that, cut the holes with knife. Next, put the Styrofoam box inside your feral cat house Rubbermaid. Moreover, please make sure that the Styrofoam box also has holes with the exact position as the holes on the plastic box. You may create the holes on Styrofoam first. After creating the holes, just put the Styrofoam box inside Rubbermaid box.

Next, you will find a gap between the Styrofoam and plastic box. Just fill the gap with straws to keep the heat of the body. Do not forget to fill the Styrofoam box with straw as well. Then, prepare a Styrofoam lid and put it on the top of Styrofoam box. You may use duct tape to stick it. Finally, put the lid of Rubbermaid on top of the box. This feral cat house Rubbermaid is ready to protect those alley cats from a dangerous environment outside.

By building this cat shelter, you can be a hero for the alley cats. Moreover, it is a great medium to practice your compassion towards God’s creation. Besides compassion, the sense of responsibility also grows throughout the time. The combination of compassion and responsibility transforms a cat into an active and happy pet. In addition, they are the good signs of a healthy cat. Well, from this feral cat house Rubbermaid tutorial, we can learn that becoming a superhero can be started from one simple step.

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