Evanger’s Cat Food Recall, a Truth You Must Know

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Evanger’s cat food recall has become a very hot issue. It gets a lot of attention from people who have pet and have feed the pet with this product. It is mentioned that giving Evanger cat food to your pet may cause death. There have been some evidences related to this case. The fact that this pet food has killed several dogs makes the retailers and also pet owners angry. It is no doubt looking at how the food can cause a death.

The company points out that their meat suppliers are the one to be blamed for. It is started from the meat that is supplied by those suppliers. Meanwhile, the ones to blame are the most trusted suppliers that they have. They do regret it to happen. For your information, the meat which is used in this pet food contains raw materials. It is what can cause death to your pet if they consume it. The products that are affected are Against the Grain Pulled Beef, Hunk of Beef, and Braised Beef Chunks with Gravy. Many people cannot believe this Evanger’s dog food scandal. Therefore, they are angry with this sad truth.

FDA has watched over this company due to Evanger’s cat food recall to do further investigation. However, the company tries to gain the customers’ trust again. They do several things. Firstly, they try to re-vet all of their suppliers. Signing a letter is a must for those suppliers to state and promise that they give what the company orders. Secondly, pentobarbital test kits are purchased to test the raw material in the beef. Last but not the least, they promise to make a regular test regarding pentobarbital in their products.

This scandal must have been a serious accident that they do not want to happen again. They believe that it is such a mistake if they purposely pick bad beef in order to kill the pet. They also assure the customers by giving statement that all bad products have been recalled to avoid the other cases. The tests have been done to check the other products and the result shows negative. Again, it is mentioned that they have produced pet foods since 2002. They have no issue before and there is no use to blame the company any longer. Looking at Evanger’s cat food recall should give you awareness that you must be careful in feeding your pet.

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