Feral Cat Shelter Styrofoam Cooler, a Weapon for Cat Hero

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Feral Cat Shelter Styrofoam Cooler, a Weapon for Cat Hero

A feral cat shelter Styrofoam cooler is the weapon for all cat heroes with tight budget. As we know, we should love and take care of god’s creation. However, we may face some obstacles in expressing our love. One of them is the limited budget. From now on, you don’t have to worry because you can make your own shelter using cooler box. It seems easy and simple, right? Let’s start our goodwill by reading the tutorial on how to make feral cat shelter from Styrofoam cooler.

Well, before we start making this shelter, you’d better prepare all the materials and tools. You will need a Styrofoam cooler box or more than one. It depends on how many cats you want to take care of. Then, prepare some Styrofoam lids to give an extra layer on the box’s surface. Next, prepare a cellotape, a bowl, a cutter, and glue.

First of all, please check the box whether or not it has some cracks. If you find some cracks, you’d better fix them with glue. If there is no crack on the box, you can proceed to the next step. Then, draw a hole using a bowl on the box. The numbers of hole can be adjusted with the needs of those feral cats, and cut the drawing using cutter. Next, prepare some Styrofoam lids. You may put those lids directly inside the box or just cut the sides of lids until they fit your box. In addition, if you prepare more than one cooler box, you may unify them using cellotape. Put the cellotape along the boxes. Voila! This simple and warm feral cat shelter Styrofoam cooler is ready to welcome stray cats who are longing for affection and protection.

Is not it pleasing to see the feral cats that finally find their shelter? By using feral cat shelter Styrofoam cooler, everyone can be a hero for those abandoned cats. Since you are willing to protect the cats, the sense of responsibility will grow slowly as you should take care of them by giving them a proper meal, play with them, and maybe take them to veterinarian to ensure their health.

In addition, besides your responsibility, the sense of affection will also appear. It will strengthen the bond between the cats and their owner. Hopefully, the tutorial about feral cat shelter Styrofoam cooler will be beneficial for us, the heroes.

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