Simple and Easy Process for Deworming Feral Cats in Your Community

Simple and Easy Process for Deworming Feral Cats in Your Community

This time, we will discuss further about deworming feral cats. Like other domestic cats, feral cats must also be treated well, although obviously it will be more difficult and bring a lot of problems. Why is it important? Well, cats are social animals that must communicate with other cats. Their unique way of communicating is by attaching their body parts, whether it’s the stomach, head, or nose. The spread of diseases, worms, and fleas can run easily in this way. Therefore, maintaining the cleanliness of cat’s skin and fur around your house is also crucial. This is an indirect way to protect your cat from disease transmission in your environment.

Well, the first thing you have to do in doing flea treatment for feral cats is to lure wild cats in your environment to come. After they come, calculate how much expenditure you will need to buy a dewormer. The number of dewormers you need can be known by multiplying the weight of the cat with its number. After you know the amount of dewormer you need, you can immediately mix it with milk or other foods that you provide for the feral cats. Repeat the habit for 3-5 days, so the medicine becomes more effective.

In addition, you have to start from the biggest and most difficult threat in deworming feral cats, which are parasites. Parasites have a tendency to destroy your cat further because they work from inside. Thick, dirty hair coats and intestinal diseases are the results of parasites that reside in your cat’s body. As the name implies, parasites use the cat’s body as its host, and take important nutrients from it.

The second problem in deworming feral cats that you must pay attention to is the presence of ear mites. Ear mites are white or yellow lice that usually bite the back of your cat. If your cat starts scratching the back of their ear, you should be vigilant and start checking it.

Usually, ear mites reproduce within 10 days. The eggs from ear mites are the source of this problem. The only way to eradicate the eggs as a whole is to bathe your cat. Using this simple method, you can save the cats in your environment from the threat of ear mites, worms, etc. The process of deworming feral cats is very simple, easy to do, and can be used at any time.

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