Is IAMS Low Residue Cat Food Really Good for Your Kitty?

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Is IAMS Low Residue Cat Food Really Good for Your Kitty.

Do you often give IAMS low residue cat food for your pet? This canned cat food had been around for some time, yet it is almost impossible to find this product by now. The reason for unavailability of IAMS cat food in the market is unknown, yet you still can find some analysis about this product. Is it really good for cat? How about the nutrition contained in each can? This is all you need to know about IAMS low residue.

When analyzing a cat food, you need to know the top 5 ingredients included. This cat food has several top ingredients including chicken, whitefish and chicken liver. The three substances are good sources of protein for your cat. It makes IAMS low residue cat food a suitable choice to serve sufficient protein intake per day. Unfortunately, this canned food also contains several ingredients which are considered unnecessary for cat, such as:

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1. Brewer rice
This ingredient is commonly used to add the texture of the cat food. However, your cat does not actually need this substance.


2. Beef by-products
Why should the manufacturer include by-product for their cat food? This product refers to inferior and less quality ingredients.


3. Corn grits
Do you ever think to give your cat corn grits? This is true that IAMS cat food include corn grits as the ingredients. Surely this is unnecessary for cat. Otherwise, it increases the carbohydrates on the food. This is not what you want to give to your cat for everyday meal.

Nutritional information shows that IAMS low residue cat food dry contains 10.6% of protein, 4.6% of fat, 0.4% of fiber, 10.1% of carbs and 72.7% of moisture. According to nutritional analysis, it can be concluded that IAMS cat food contains less protein, less fat and less fiber than average. However, it has more carbohydrates than average. Generally cats need more protein to grow fast and to keep the fur strong and shiny. Significant carbohydrate may cause several problems including constipation.

Moreover, calorie breakdown shows that IAMS cat food has 112 calories per 100 gram. This is considerably higher compared to other canned wet foods. Most of the calories come from fat, which reaches 35.1%, followed by calories from protein as much as 33.3% and carbs 31.7%. What do you think about this cat food? Do you have any guess why the manufacturer discontinued IAMS low residue cat food?

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