Shru Cat Toy with High Durability, Interesting Features, and Top Material

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Shru Cat Toy with High Durability, Interesting Features, and Top Material

Why do you need Shru cat toy? There are few reasons why this product is suitable as cat toy. At first, the design is unique that looks like an egg with fur tail. This product is specifically designed to mimic a living mouse. When activate it, the movements start to begin to occupy your cat mind and activity. This is the first thing that cat lovers try when buying cat toy.

Before exploring more about this product, you may want to know why you cat needs toy. As you know, cat is the most popular animal as pet. People choose cat due to several reasons, such as easy to clean, lower cost, and cute appearance. Another reason is their behavior that’s easy to keep owner enjoyable seeing them playing every day. However, cats require toy in order to keep their instinct and body health. For your information, pet still retains nature instinct, though not as much as the feral one. You have known that the cats like to catch or hunt mouse for foods or playing. This is why you need Shru cat toy designed to acts as artificial mouse. Of course, the product is more than mouse replacements because it has several features.

This product is capable to adjust with cat behavior. This is interesting feature that’s rare to find in cheap cat toy at store. You can set it then let your cat play full day. Of course, one issue is battery that needs to recharge. Manufacturer provides USB mode to do this process in order to save the time and cost for replacing battery. Therefore, you just plug it into USB socket as similar to smartphone and wait until battery back to full mode.

Besides movement, this product is capable to exhaust unique and different sounds. As you know, the real mouse has high pitch voice, particularly in distress situation. Therefore, the cat toys have to mimic it to attract cat’s attention. That is what you get from this product. It is part of feature that company puts inside this product.

Lastly, you need to consider the safety and durability. The cat is very active when attracted to certain thing. Moreover, this pet has sharp claw and fangs that capable to shredded and torn apart anything. Of course, cat as pet does not have them as strong and sharp their sibling in wild. To fulfill this aspect, Shru cat toy uses strong material that’s capable to keep it in good condition after long playtime.

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