The Beneficial Traits of Lickables Cat Food

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The Beneficial Traits of Lickables Cat Food

Some people prefer having lickables cat food as the treat for their lovely cat. The reasons are various. Some of you may say that this kind of cat food is suitable for your old and finicky cat, while the others think that the wet food helps the cat to be healthy.

So, what are the benefits of lickable wet cat treat? The first benefit is it can fix your cat’s appetite. The cats, mostly the seniors usually have a problem with appetite. Sooner or later, the appetite problem will affect their physical health. The existence of this wet treat might help you to maintain your cat’s health. Next, it acts as nutrition source for finicky cats. Another problem of senior cat is it can be really picky about its meal. If this situation lasts for a long time, the cat might experience deficiency in nutrients that will affect its health and its physical appearance. The lickables cat food usually contains nutrients, such as the omega-3 and probiotics to avoid shedding furs and to protect cat’s intestine. Based on some benefits mentioned here, you might want to treat your cat with this kind of food.

For your information, this wet food usually made of ingredients that we can find easily at the market, such as chicken and tuna. However, have you ever thought to make your homemade lickables cat food? If you are thinking about giving your cat a treat, maybe you can consider this option since it is actually easy to made, even by those who does not have superior skill in cooking. Alright, first of all, let’s see the ingredients.

Firstly, prepare the meat. You can use any kind of meat that your cat likes the most. It can be chicken, beef, or tuna. Then, you need some amount of flour to make it thick. Next, prepare the amount of butter to add the taste to this treat. Last but not least, a cup of water to blend the meat.

Now, let’s jump to the steps. Cut the meat into little pieces. Then, blend it and water with a food processor. Next, mix the flour and butter in a bowl. Put the blended meat in a bowl of flour and butter, then mix them until all the ingredients mixed well. You can also add broth to enrich the taste. Finally, your homemade lickables cat food is ready to be served.

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