How to Kill Ticks in Your Yard and Dog

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how to kill ticks in your yard

When your yard and faithful companion are already infested by tick, you might want to know how to kill ticks in your yard and pet. To help you in getting rid of the insects, here are some few tips for you. To get rid of them from your dog, you can easily treat them with anti-tick shampoo, tick killer spray and or flea powder. Those treatments can be purchased without any prescription from veterinarian.

On the other hand, cleaning your yard from ticks needs harder work. On how to kill ticks in your yard, you have to mow the grass to reduce the place for their hangouts. Mowing the grass into the proper height could attract natural tick predators like birds, ants and spiders. Thus, they would help you to clear the yard from the harassing insects. You have to get rid of wood pile and trash from your lawn as well, because ticks usually lay their eggs on them. Once you get rid of them, spray the areas that you suspect to be infested with anti-ticks spray. You can easily find the right product on the market.

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To make sure that the ticks won’t come back to harass you and the dog, you can put a tick collar on it or feed it with tick tablet monthly. In addition, make sure to keep the grass clean and well-manicured. Even if you know how to kill ticks in your yard, preventing them from the first place could save your time and energy.

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