home remedies for ticks in yard

The Usage and Benefits of Home Remedies for Ticks in Yard

To solve your problem with ticks, you can use chemical treatments or using home remedies for ticks in yard. If their attack is not yet severe, you can consider using home remedies to get rid of them. Note that they have different effects and some are not suitable to clean your yard from this insect. The most suitable home-made repellents to be applied in yard are cinnamon oil, cloves, and cedar oil.

To turn them into efficient trick exterminators, make sure to follow these easy steps. First, mix these home remedies for ticks in yard with water. If you decided to choose cinnamon oil, the ideal recipe would be to mix 80 drops of cinnamon oil with one ounce of water. It would also be best to include garlic in the mixture. If you choose clove, crush it into powder first and boil it in water. However, you don’t need to mix cedar oil with water because you can easily find cedar oil-based spray in the market. The second step is to put the solutions into hose sprayer and spray it into tick infested areas.

Compared to chemical treatments, using these all-natural options is much more beneficial. First, it is a lot cheaper. Second, they are eco-friendly and would not do harm to the natural environment. Lastly, home remedies for ticks in yard could be more efficient than chemical based pesticides.

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