Some Natural Options of How to Prevent Ticks in Yard

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how to prevent ticks in yard

The general knowledge about how to prevent ticks in yard can be handy because you never know when the pesky pests will attack. You probably had though that you have the cleanest house in the world only to find out that you have been wrong about anything. Sure, you have taken care of your lawn very thoroughly but you may have missed some crucial points.

You want to start by removing tall brush and grass. They are ticks’ favorite places, to hang out and to hide. Regularly cut the grass, keep them short all of the time. You want to trim the grass near the border of your lawn so the ticks can’t cross to the house. Another way on how to prevent ticks in yard is to place wood chips or gravel on the buffer zone, right between the wooded areas and the lawn, and also the house. They hate those elements because they irritate the feet. Placing gravel or chips along with the nematodes will also help preventing the ticks from spreading out.

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Using natural repellant will also help. Ticks hate the smell of lavender or rosemary. Try having the plants around your garden and the ticks won’t set a foot on your lawn. You can also consider planting the berry bushes as a way of how to prevent ticks in yard.

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