Mosquito yard treatment

Simple and Easy Mosquito Yard Treatment

Mosquito yard treatment includes both chemical and natural treatment. Homeowners should aware of pros and cons of chemical treatment that uses non-organic insecticides. Those who are aware of environmental sustainability tend to choose natural insecticides, which are environment-friendly and less hazardous to plants, humans, and pets. Making homemade mosquito yard spray is the best alternative way to treat yard and prevent it from mosquito safely.

Homemade mosquito spray for yard can be made from extracted vegetables and oils such as onion and garlic. But because this natural spray doesn’t contain any preservatives, it cannot be used for a longer time. It has much shorter life than any professional insect control. This natural mosquito yard treatment should be applied during mosquito season and repeat it regularly anytime you find mosquito population explodes.

Dilute the extracted onion and garlic with water to make fine solution. Spray the solution over plants, flowers, grass, around ponds, fountain, and benches where you and other family members love to stay. Don’t worry to spray it because it is non-toxic which is safe for plants, children, and pets. The only one drawback of this organic or homemade spray mosquito yard treatment is its disturbing and strong smell.

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