How to Get Rid of Ticks in Your Yard Safely

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how to get rid of ticks in your yard

There are a plenty of ways on how to get rid of ticks in your yard. Don’t rush to use chemical insecticide over your yard since there are some safer ways that will not damage the environment, children, and pets. Try some natural ways to eliminate them at least reduce the population of ticks. Monitor your yard and notice some tree limbs and shade. If they block the sunlight, remove and prune them away. It is because optimum sunlight will reduce tick population. Ticks love moisture and environment with high humidity. So, the best way is to prevent yard from humidity.

Mowing the yard regularly in order to remove tall grass is another important way. How to get rid of ticks in your yard can be conducted by making the grass as short as possible to reduce tick nests. Tall grass also increases soil humidity which is very comfortable for tick to live and build nest. Trimming the grass helps to dry the soil and eliminate the ticks.

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If you think the two ways before are not enough, organic insecticides can be an option. Eco-friendly tick spray is widely offered in many stores. This over-the-counter insecticide contains of botanical compound such as pyrethrins, substances that can be found in Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium plants. How to get rid of ticks in your yard using this botanical spray is just easy and practical but don’t forget to follow the direction.

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