How to Kill Fleas In Your Yard Efficiently

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how to kill fleas in your yard

When you know how to kill fleas in your yard in efficient ways, why bother to do it the hard way? Instead of buying costly chemicals, you can utilize household items to get rid of them. If the flea attack is not yet severe, it is enough to apply these methods to treat your flea problem. The first thing that you have to do is to mow your grass to the proper height to reduce flea hangouts. Doing this could also attract spiders and ants which are major flea predators.

Letting the sun shines through will help to reduce the flea larvae since they cannot survive without humidity. Under sunny conditions, flea larvae will desiccate. On how to kill fleas in your yard, you can also water your yard frequently. Don’t do it too often though. The water washed away adult fleas that become the food source for flea larvae, thus eliminating them.

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As mentioned before, household items can also be used to kill fleas. Salt is among them. Sprinkling salt on flea infected areas. However, salt could destroy your plants as well. Consider cedar oil to create a strong flea repellent. It is effective in killing pests like fleas and bugs. Don’t do it the hard way because now you know how to kill fleas in your yard efficiently.

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