How to Get Rid of Ticks In Yard Using Natural Methods

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how to get rid of ticks in yard

There are natural ways on how to get rid of ticks in yard. One of the advantages of choosing natural ways instead of chemical ones is they don’t endanger the environment. Applying eco-friendly methods will ensure the sustainability of your surrounding nature. Here are some methods that you can apply to get rid of ticks in your yard. The first step to get rid of them is you have to keep the grass clean and well-trimmed. Also7, remove any wood piles or trashes away from the yard to reduce their population growth.

Ticks love moisture. They also need environment with high humidity to survive. To make their population goes down, cut down some tree branches to remove shades and make your lawn as sunny as possible. Another effective method is by using tick tubes. Have you know how to get rid of ticks in yard using mice? To do it, lace them with tick tubes containing cotton balls laced with poison that is deadly for ticks but not for the mice. The mice will then spread across your yard to eradicate the tick population.

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Using these methods won’t do any harm to your environment. They are also proven to be effective. Of course there are chemical ways on how to get rid of ticks in yard but the natural ways are always better.

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