Tips in Using Yard Spray for Ticks

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yard spray for ticks

It is a common way to use yard spray for ticks in order to control their population. Often, yards, especially those with tall grass and shady areas serve as shelter for this pest to lay eggs. To prevent ticks from causing more havoc, they have to be exterminated from the roots. Spraying the yard with tick killer could do this. Before you spray the yard, make sure that you have mowed the grass and got rid of debris.

To start, you have to find specific areas in the lawn that ticks might have infested. It is highly rare that your yard is entirely infested by ticks. Ticks do not prefer areas with high sun exposure. Treat only shady and damp areas which are more likely to be infested. There are two kinds of yard spray for ticks. Using chemical spray treatment like pyrethrins and pyriproxyfen or using non-chemical treatments such as those that contain peppermint oil and clove extract.

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Whether you are using chemical or non-chemical treatment, it is important to be cautious when applying the spray. You have to keep your pets out from the treated area for at least 24 or 48 hour because they could experience unlikely reactions from ingredients used in yard spray for ticks.

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