Chemical Free Tick Killer for Yard

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tick killer for yard

There are many substances that are proven to be efficient tick killer for yard. Some of them are chemicals and you need to be cautious when applying them. On the other hand, some are natural and considered to be safer than chemical ones. Nowadays, there are two popular natural remedies used in getting tick away from lawn.

The first one is a powder made of fossilized simple cell organisms. It could be easily applied by pouring the powder directly around the lawn. Another suggested method is by mixing it up with water. Mixing it with water makes it a more efficient tick killer for yard. However, the powder is not soluble in water and it needs constant agitation to suspend the particles as much as possible. It is widely believed that this powder is the best material to control ticks outdoor.

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The other one is nematode. Nematodes are microscopic earthworms that are used to exterminate pests and other insects. The best part of nematodes is that it is harmful for insects, but not with your pets. Nematodes can also be mixed with water, but you have to remember that they are also living organisms. If they are kept in water for too long, they might be drowned. Therefore, it is no longer a useful tick killer for yard.

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