Tick Prevention for Yard to Protect from Unwanted Pests

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Tick prevention for yard

Tick prevention for yard consists of several methods to keep the tick out of your yard. Preventive measure is different from killing or destroying. You can apply this method to protect yard from tick. When fleas and ticks are already on your yard, additional methods are required to get rid of them then prevent them to back again next time.

First thing to do is clean your yard or garden. Fleas, tick and mosquito like to live in piles of leaves or any dump around garden. You need to clean all unnecessary things and garbage from garden, including the litter of leaves. Mow the grass regularly to control tick and flea. Be careful when you water the plant and tree as insects are attracted to wet and moisturized condition. You should keep the water in check as part of tick prevention for yard.

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In addition, tick comes because of rodent or rat in your garden. Wild animals also have potential to bring tick. You have to make sure that your garden and yard are protected with safety barrier. Another tip to prevent tick is by using wood chip barrier. Tick and fleas have natural predator such as birds. However, you will have more issue when more birds come without fleas and tick as their food. So, it is not recommended way to do as tick prevention for yard.

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