Midwestern Pet Foods Recall and Related Important Information

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Midwestern Pet Foods Recall

There is rumor about Midwestern Pet Foods Recall that needs to be clarified. In order to understand situation, you should see from multi perspective. Pet food is industry with high-qualified requirement to keep the quality. You do not want your dog or cat to eat unhealthy diet or food, right? In this case, Midwestern Pet Foods produce several brands, including Earthborn Holistic. For more information about this topic, you can read the following sections.

The Pet Food and Its Recall

Pet food is good choice when you have pets, such as dog and cat. Most people do not have time to formulate their own diet for pet. Well, using pet foods gives some advantages. It takes less time to prepare and your pet will like it. Dogs and cats are the most common animals that eat pet food. As you know, pet is no limited to both animals, but everyone perceives that pet food has related to dog and cat food product. Choosing food for pet is easy, but the difficult part is finding the proper and right nutrient inside this food.

In Midwestern Pet Foods Recall, you should know the ingredient and nutrient composition. The dog requires different diet to keep the body at better health. Most of dog diet program comes from high protein and carbohydrate. Dog is opposite side to cat. You see cat is not much work on muscle and sleep at day. Cat will active at night, but still not as much as dog. On the other side, dog is active animal that uses much energy to perform activity. People have dog not only for pet, but also for work and specific task, such as for police and rescue mission. These dogs consume high protein food. That is why Midwestern Pet Foods produce several variants to suit any need.

As we know, dog food consists of several ingredients. Midwestern Pet Foods introduced Earthborn Holistic for one purpose, which is healthy and environmental friendly product. Healthy is the top priority when the releasing pet food product. You surely do not want your dog having illness or improper diet. Based on past record, recall happened because product contained chemical and dangerous substance. Manufacturer might use nature and safe ingredients, but the production process was not qualified that contaminated food. Is Midwestern Pet Foods Recall happening due this reason?

To know whether Midwestern Pet Foods Recall happens or not, you can check into FDA report. Based on report and record, there is no single compliance as definitive factor for food recall. You can visit official website then search the history about this issue. Pet food recall is similar to other food-based product and drugs. Recall is the last resort because of bad effect after the dog consumes it. Unfortunately, this situation never occurs which mean the product is safe.

Manufacturer uses high quality ingredients to produce the pet food. They are turkey meat, potatoes, chicken meat, whitefish meat, and chicken fat. Turkey and chicken are the source of protein. Well, dog is safe to eat any food based on turkey meat. Moreover, potatoes are full of carbohydrate to obtain energy. As it mentioned above, dog foods have to contain protein and carbohydrate at balance level. From their ingredients, there is no reason to do Midwestern Pet Foods Recall.

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