Yard Flea Killer with Insecticide for Flea

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yard flea killer

Using insecticides as yard flea killer can be the last option to get rid of flea from yard. This last option must be effective though has more risks than biological killers like nematodes or natural killers like cedar wood chips. When you find the amount of fleas is increasing significantly while you have tried many natural ways, this is time to use insecticide. Though it is a type of chemical substance, it is possible to find an environmental-friendly insecticide. Another thing to pay attention to when you plan on this substance is to follow the instruction properly.

Insecticide can be used if your affected area is far from ponds, lakes, or other places where there are water sources. Don’t let this chemical substance contaminate the water.  Also consider your safety during insecticide use. Prepare protective clothing and dust mask to protect yourself. Don’t forget to remove all things that are usually in contact with children and pets such as toys and clothing. There is no any chemical yard flea killer that is really environmental friendly though the packaging says so. The substance used only minimizes the impact.

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Make sure you know the area where yard fleas are making nest, so you don’t have to spray the insecticide to the entire yard. For significant result, the process of using insecticide as yard flea killer should be repeated after two weeks.


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