My Sloppy Drinker Need “No Mess Water Bowl For Dogs” But, Which One?

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Road Refresher – Travel Water Bowl

Is your dog a sloppy drinker? The trouble is just about to come when they are eating or drinking, right? The water splash everywhere and the room will be messy at that time. But don’t worry. This is a common problem in having a pet for sure. And the thing you only need for this case is a spill proof water dog bowl. With this no mess water bowl for dogs, there is no more messy room when the pet is drinking.

Here are the top 4 water bowls for the sloppy drinkers.

1. Sloppy Stopper Water Bowl

Sloppy Stopper Water Bowl

This water bowl has received 5 stars from a ton reviews from the customer. So, there’s no doubt to put them at the highest rate for the best water bowl in 2017. Here are the favorite features of this no mess water bowl for dogs which every customer loved it.

  •    The size is ideal for both medium to large breed dog.
  •    It has a ‘snap-on lid’ to prevent your dog from getting wet all over its beard. So, this bowl works by narrowing the contact of your pet’s with the water directly except their tongue and nose. With this way, it will prevent choking automatically.
  •    It can hold up to 48 Ounce or 1.4 liters in one go.
  •    Your dog only needs a short transition phase to the deal with this no mess water bowl for dogs.

2. Indipet Stainless Steel – Pet Water Bowl

Indipet Stainless Steel – Pet Water Bowl

These stainless steel water bowls have a classic design yet anti-splash as well. They promise to keep your floor dry and your pet stay hydrated.

The main features:

  •    Its stainless steel material will ensure the hygiene.
  •    The material also ensuring your bowl to be more durable and scratch resistant. Basically, the dogs have a tendency of chewing a plastic material. So with this stainless steel water bowl, you don’t need to worry about them.
  •    They have a big capacity which is 64 Oz of water.

3. Road Refresher – Travel Water Bowl
Road Refresher – Travel Water BowlAnother innovative dog water bowl is this Road Refresher. It encourages tidy drinking as it limits the amount of water – which is the thing that you have to do in dealing with a sloppy drinker.

The offered features:

  •    This nifty little water bowl is just too perfect for the dog on the move.
  •    It has a thick rim which will keep your dog’s ear and beard dry while they were drinking.
  •    It was made of BPA free plastic. It’s hygiene and health for sure.
  •    They are easy to dismantle and clean as well. The best travel buddy for the pet.

4. Hyrex Torus Water Bowl
Hyrex Torus Water Bow
As it was introduced to the market for the first time, this no mess water bowl for dogs caught lots of attention. It revealed a self-refill water bowl and provided the filtered and fresh water for the pet. It is attractive, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, it is a little bit too pricy among other travel water bowl. With this cost, this no mess water bowl for dogs is pretty sturdy and durable enough.

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