How to Train Your Friend without Using Dog Food Bowls For Fast Eaters

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dog food bowls for fast eaters

Somehow, using the dog food bowls for fast eaters don’t work that much. Your furry friends always flip it over when they eat on the slow feeder bowl when they cannot reach the food. Or sometimes the dogs are too smart, so no matter what good your dog bowl is, you end up with the operating condition. The mess is everywhere and your dog is always hungry.

Like we have discussed in the previous articles, most dogs eat too fast due to some reasons. Some dogs have digestion problems, some just think someone will take their food and others are hungry every time. However, these three factors cannot be ignored which this will lead them to serious condition from bloat, digestion problem and even death.

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Despite using the dog food bowls for fast eaters, you still should do some treatments to behave your dog eating like a normal one.

How to Train Your Dog without Dog Food Bowls for Fast Eaters

As I read Dr.Beckker statement about dogs are truly food motivated, then I begin to realize that this is true when my dogs always eat the food faster. The dog doesn’t  chew the food and it increases choking risk which we need to stop it right now. Here are good tips you can try:

1. Serve it using cookie sheet
Another alternative you can try is serving the food on the cookie sheet which will force the pups to do more licking than gulping the food once at a time. Most pet owners find it successful! They find the pup eat slower without finding the sheet is flipped over.

2. Divide the meal into some portions
Dividing the meal into small portions is good which we reduce the portion but feed it frequently. This is effective than forcing your pups to beat the barriers and it ends up with a stressful job. Somehow your dog stops eating the food once it feels the food is difficult to reach.

3. Give it a try to puzzle feeder
Instead of using the dog food bowls for fast eaters, try the puzzle feeder to turn the mealtime into a fun activity. Distract your dog’s attention by using the puzzle feeder. Mos toys are challenging so your dogs might like it very much.

4. Create your own dog food bowls for fast eaters
It is easy to make your own dog food bowls for fast eaters by placing the tennis bowl inside the bowl to create a barrier. Or you can use the muffin tin instead which is cheaper and practical.

5. Hand feed your dog
Not all pet owners have time to feed the dogs with the hand feed. But you can try this once a day. Despite training your dog to eat slower, you actually are bonding relationship with your pets. Your friend will be very happy and not lonely anymore once you do this!

Anyways you try to train your dog to eat slower, the first thing you should know is understanding its reasons why your dogs eat that way.

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