dog bowl for fast eater

The Dog Bowl for Fast Eater – Slow Them Down

The dog loves their meal time for sure. But the thing that you have to know, they eat fast don’t mean they have a good appetite. Some factor can trigger to make them eat faster; the competitiveness among other pet or the bad quality of the food that doesn’t satisfying enough. At the end, it causes bloating, vomiting, or other pet digestion problem. Solve it by giving them a dog bowl for fast eater.

This kind of bowl works by lengthening their mealtime with a complicated bowl design. The design may only allow their tongue and nose to contact directly with the food. Check these reviews of the top 3 slower pet bowl below.

1. Kruuse Buster – Dog Maze Bowl

Kruuse Buster – Dog Maze BowlThis bowl effectively slows down your pet while they are eating. The pattern of their meal way at that bowl, somehow, stimulates them to solve that challenge. It’s totally a great dog bowl for fast eater to prevent them from getting bloat.

This bowl is available in many interesting colors. Also, they do not need a big space to put on.

2. Metal Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowl

Metal Brake-Fast Dog Food BowlFor some dog which has an allergic to the plastic material, this slower dog bowl helps a lot. The advantage of having the metal or stainless steel material of the pet bowl is more durable than the plastic material one. Moreover, the plastic dog bowl is easier to be chewed by the dog itself when they are distressed on solving their meal challenge.

This kind of dog bowl for fast eater from Metal Brake-Fast Dog Bowl is available for most dog size from Beagle to Bernese Mt. Dog (suitable for dogs over 30 pounds up to 120 pounds). They are die-cast aluminum dishwasher friendly.

3. Ethical Pet Slow Feeder

Ethical Pet Slow Feeder 10-inch Dog Bowl.jpgSince we need a complicated food bowl design to slow down our dog, one thing that almost we forget; don’t push them too much with a very complicated design as well. This slow feeder from Ethical Pet has pretty simple spiral designed bowl. It’s simple yet effective. Those two words describe the slow feeder well.

Furthermore, it is very affordable with under $8 price for one and available in three fun colors; green, purple, and blue. Unfortunately, it is only suitable for the small and medium dog.

4. Dogit Go Slow – Anti-gulping Dog Bowl

Hits up another dog bowl for fast eater from Dogit Go Slow. You should give your pet this Dogit dog bowl for a try. It was made from a heavy-duty plastic and has four protruding obstacles inside. This simple design is easy for the dog to adapt to it.

This bowl is also available in four different sizes; from extra small to large with the smallest size offers a half cup capacity.

5. Gobble Stopper – Slow Feed Bowl

Moving to the new feed bowl makes your dog lazier to eat, sometimes. You need to deal with your dog that is difficult to adapt with a new dog bowl for fast eater. Gobble Stopper is a stand-alone device that can be attached to your dog’s food bowl. This things is effective in slowing them down and preventing a bloat and vomit.

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