How to Maximize Your Slow Feeder Bowls To Slow Down Dog Eating

We have discussed it many times on how to slow down the dog’s eating speed. And most of us will go on the shortcut by buying the bowls to slow down dog eating. Does it help? Well, in fact, it doesn’t work that much! We don’t try to fool you by telling the bowls are great to slow down its eating speed. All bowls that are designed to slow down eating work, but not that significantly for some pes with certain behavior. There are many ways and treatments you should do patiently. Check our tips.

What are the main causes why dogs eat fast?

The first thing you should underline when trying to stop their eating speed is to understand the main reason. Most dogs often eat fast because they think this is the last food they have and they will not let anyone take it over. So, basically, your dogs just don’t want to share their food. This is natural which happens from its ancestor. Especially if you have just adopted the dogs, this behavior will occur.

The second reason why your dogs still eat greedily is that of the greediness. Yes, your dogs always feel hungry and starving. You better check to the vegetarian and see whether your furry friend has digestive problems.

What are the disadvantages when your dogs eat too fast?

There are many bad effects faced if your pets eat too fast. Even it will lead to death. This is not good and you should stop it right now. If you see many bowls to slow down dog eating say it can prevent bloating, vomiting and so on, yes you should believe it!

Eating too fast means the pets don’t chew the food well and this is the main reason for the digestive problem. Bloating can lead to death as the food is trapped with the air and water. The symptoms vary. Typically your dogs want to vomit something but fail. They also look at the stomach very often and get panic.

How to Maximize the Work of Bowls to Slow Down Dog Eating

Apart from using the bowls to slow down dog eating, this is crucial to do some treatments. You should be patients to reach this goal.

1. Separate the Dogs Feeding Area
If you raise multiple dogs, separate their feeding area. Typically dogs scramble their food so it is better to let them eat in the different room.

2. Feed Your Pet in Small Portions
The small portions will help you while using the bowls to slow down eating. Feed the pets frequently with the smaller size. If your dog eats three times a day, give it six times a day.

3. Try Cookies
Bowls to slow down eating sometimes don’t work that much. You can try cookies to encourage your pup to chew the food. This will help it to slow down the eating speed. However, don’t forget to provide water as your friend must be very thirsty.

Hope these tips help you very much!

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