Two Best No Splash Dog Bowl to Collect

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How to Choose a Slow Feed Bowl For Dogs

Is your dog a trouble maker in the kitchen? Does your dog gulp the water and splash the water on the floor? If so, you need a no splash dog bowl! Not sure if your dog needs a rehab or not, you can take some benefits if your pet does the following annoying habit:

  • Frequently dig the bowl while drinking and leave a mess on the floor.
  • Gulp the water down and drop it on the floor from the mouth.
  • Push the bowl using nose until it spills.

Best No Splash Dog Bowl You Will Love

The main reason why dogs often spill the water from the bowl is they love playing. They like the reflection of their face in the water and sometimes stirring the bowl will make it taste fresher. It also often feels overheating so they love dipping the mouth in the water. So, here is the best item you must want to keep.

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1. Road Refresher
Road RefresherThis is one of the most popular no splash dog bowl for the sloppy drinker. The design is impressive with three layers that can minimize the splash on the floor. If you have the long-eared dogs, this bowl is perfect since the ears will not dip inside as well. Additionally, the Road Refresher is easy to clean and travel-friendly. The size is flexible and eases you to bring it for traveling with your furry friend. It is a great dog bowl with anti-tip feature and can hold up to 54 ounces.

The Road Refresher is highly suggested by reviewers. It has a good reputation in many marketplaces that sell the product. With an affordable price, this pet dish catches the pet owners’ attention.

Since it is designed in smaller size, you might need to refill it too often. You must turn the bowl upside down to make sure the water is full.

2. Heyrex Torus Dog Water Bowl
Heyrex Torus Ultimate Pet Water Bowl
It is a gravity-fed water bowl that might be one of your favorite. This bowl is highly rated for its feature to reduce the splashes on the floor. It can keep the water fresh and cool and can hold up to 2 liters of water. The Gravity Fed Water feature doesn’t require batteries or electricity and it is stable and very solid to prevent the spill as it resists tipping. Like another feature we have mentioned above, the Heyrex Torus is a portable bowl that can be brought anywhere.

As it is set down, the bowl is immovable and the weight of the water is distributed well.

Some consumers concern about the plastic use as it requires regular cleaning to prevent mold. The size becomes the potential issue for a larger breed.

Anyway, the no splash dog bowl somehow doesn’t work that much for a smart dog. It is better to provide the mat under the feeding area so you can make sure that the floor still clean. Besides, don’t let the dog play after mealtime because it is prone to be thirsty.

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