How to Choose a Slow Feed Bowl For Dogs

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Slow Feed Bowl For Dogs

The slow feed bowl for dogs is often suggested to help you slow the dog’s habit of eating speed. This crucial since eating fast can lead to bad conditions including vomiting, bloating or GDV until death. As your dog gobbles the food all at once, this means it doesn’t chew the food well so it leads to digestion problem.

However, slow feed bowl for dogs varies with a number of features and drawbacks that your concern about. Therefore, you better ignore the following of bowls criterions.

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What to Consider Before Choosing a Slow Feed Bowl for Dogs?

1. Complicated Barriers
The slow feeder bowls are typically designed with challenging barrier. There are spiral form, a big bulge in the center of the bowl until the one that is designed with many big bumps on the bowl. However, this can’t help you that much if you give it to the aggressive dog. Somehow they often flip over the bowl to reach the food. Your dog might get frustrated due to the difficulties. Hence, before choosing the slow feed bowl for dogs, understand your dog’s characteristic whether it is love challenging game or not. If they don’t like it, opt for the simple barriers that work effectively.

2. Avoid Sharp Barriers
We know the bowl sometimes is designed with thing barriers that are formed like corals. This is harmful since it can hurt the mouth as the pet use it for eating daily. The blunt and big obstacles in the bowl are safer and work more efficiently.

3. Choose the Heavyweight
Much slow feed bowl for dogs are designed from a plastic material which is lightweight. You just need to be careful with the aggressive dog. Even though it is designed to slow down eating and minimize the mess, a dog is a dog that loves pushing everything that looks like a toy. A heavyweight dog bowl, like the one that is made of high-quality stainless steel and ceramic, are much better to prevent this.

4. Choose the One with Anti-tip Feature
There is much slow feed bowl for dogs that are completed with an anti-tip feature to prevent the bowl to move. You can pick the one with rubber back so you still can minimize the spills.

5. Strong Material
Dogs have a tendency to chew the toy including the interactive dog bowl. If you opt for the plastic and silicone, well that’s ok actually as long as your dog has a calm habit. But if you have the greedy hound, this is not a good idea. It is better to pick the stronger material instead to save some money.

6. Prepare Your Budget
Most slow feed bowl for dogs are more expensive. If you wish a low-budget pet dish with this feature, well don’t dream the durable feature then. The features require the manufacturer to spend more budget and it is proven to be effective to train the furry friend. If you wish a low-end pet dish that is designed to slow down eating, buy the one with the simple barrier but it is not a guarantee if you are going to be successful.

Anyway, treating the dog to eat slower is not easy. You need to stimulate your dog with several methods, including feeding it with small portions.

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