What Can You Do When the Dog Bowls To Slow Down Eating Don’t Work?

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dog bowls to slow down eating

Does your pet wolfing the meals? If so, you must see it throwing its undigested food and you must aware about it right now! Why? Vomiting can be a sign of health problems that can get worse if this gorging habit is not stopped.

Treating the pet, especially dogs are difficult that most pet parents almost give up! But there are some ways to fix it besides choosing the right dog bowls to slow down eating.

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Know the Best Type of Dog Bowls to Slow Down Eating

First of all, you have to make a change by picking the right dog bowls to slow down eating. There are many designs that come to be a difficult job for new pet owners. Meanwhile, choosing the wrong design can lead to injury, especially bleeding in the mouth. Therefore, choose a dog bowl that has a simple design. Avoid sharp barrier and complicated design. Some dogs are getting mad and flip over the bowl instead to reach the food.

Secondly, the elevated dog bowls are actually not good in case your vet recommends it. The elevated dog bowls are said can prevent bloating and slow down the eating speed. In fact, it is just a myth. Eating while standing can raise the gas in the stomach. In case your dog has arthritis and joint pain never uses this. Besides, choosing the right height stand is trickier than you think while your dog is growing. But if you need this, especially if you have a sloppy eater, the elevated dog bowl is a good step, then don’t forget to place the mat under the bowl to prevent spills jump to the floor.

Put Object on the Regular Bowl

For some people dog bowls to slow down eating sometimes are too expensive to afford (the good quality ones). Meanwhile, the plastic that is considered to be the cheaper item leaves a harmful effect.

If you have a stainless dog bowl or the ceramic dog bowl, place an object at the center of the bowl, for example, the tennis bowl or a soft bowl and surround it with foods. The dog might slow down the eating speed due to focusing on the bowl as this is more playful.

Add Water

The fast eaters often don’t chew well the food. That’s when the pet vomits it, the food is undigested well. To fix this issue, you can switch to the canned food. Add water to make the food texture becomes smoother so your pet can digest it well and break the gorging cycle. This is also a new solution that will not damage the teeth. Most pets that eat from dog bowls that slow down eating has this risk which is depressing.

Changing the Food

It is the last option when the treatments and dog bowls to slow down eating cannot help you.Changing the food is much riskier actually. Start with the large food. The larger size of food like cookies for the dog will need more chewing. Unique shapes will also encourage your dog to eat it. Be careful with the pointy edges that might harm your dog mouth.

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