Top 3 Top Paw Ceramic Dog Bowl and How to Care It Properly

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Top Paw ceramic dog bowl

Top Paw has been the prominent brand among competitors with its unique design and high-quality material. The are many types of items that are favorited by customers including the Top Paw ceramic dog bowl. Its design is lovely and unique with a different touch to each item. Hence, we have to collect some items in our top list. Here are our suggestions for you!

Top 3 Top Paw Ceramic Dog Bowls

Top Paw Double Dinner Bowl

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It is not Top Paw ceramic dog bowl! It is a melamine bowl with 35.5 fl oz to each bowl. It is a dishwasher pet dish that can make you feel easy to have it. The design is excellent with the paw prints in the bowl and small bones prints on the bowl’s body.

Top Paw Double Diner Dog Stand With Bowls

If you wish a good looking pet dish, this double feeder item will add charm to your home look while still gives you comfortable view.

This bowl set has two bowls and durability stand that holds the bowl well. The bowl itself is easy to clean and free from toxic.

Top Paw Ceramic Bone Dog Bowl

The Top Paw ceramic dog bowl brings sturdy ceramic that features dots and bones prints that make you feel in love. This cutie can be used for drinking and eating. This is available in white and gold colors that are also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Dimension: It has two sizes with 1 pint 6c6x2.5 inches and 1 quart with 8x8x 3.5 inches.

Is Vinegar Safe?

Some people add vinegar into the bowl and let it sit for a while. After that, they wash it with soap and rinse it with water. Here is the problem, is the vinegar safe for cleaning the Pet Paw ceramic dog bowl?

Well, the answer is yes except the scent. To overcome this issue, you can swap it out using the baking soda. After that soap it and rinses with the water until you are sure there is no residue.

Is It Better to Clean the Dog Bowl Usin Hand-washing?

The hand-washing procedure is often considered to be the safest way. However, there is one problem left behind. Some germs might not get killed. That’s why you are suggested to use disinfectant as the hot water cannot kill the Salmonella and E coli.

How often Should I Clean the Top Paw Dog Bowl

It is better to clean the pet dish as often you feed the pet. At least it is also disinfected once a week. Add it to a gallon of water and let it sit and let it soak the bowl for 10 minutes.

Do I Need to Separate My Pet Dish from My Personal Food Dish?

Well, let’s say that your dog has a health problem that is caused a bacteria. We think it is better for you to separate your dog’s dish in a different storage that is designed for your furry friend. It is done to prevent yourself from the danger which is caused by bacteria that is growing in the pet dish.

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