Petco Dog Bowls Scrub Brush and How to Use It Correctly

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Petco dog bowls scrub brush

Are you searching the best dog bowls? You probably will look for Petco dog bowls for its lush product. However, whether you buy the richest features or not (like the one with the most washable material), you still need the scrub brush to help you reach the difficult spot of the bowl. Of course, Petco has it! Check our top suggestions about the bowl mates here!

Bowlmates Black Dog Bowl Scrub Brush

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This is a nice scrub brush with a countured handle. If you have a slow feeder dog bowl, you will be very thankful for having such good tool.

The bush doesn’t contain BPA so it is safe to use every day. It works perfectly when you use it with wet pet dish. However, there is no lockable lid and sealing lid. You can grab it by just $2.19.

How to Clean Pet Dishes

Cleaning the dog bowls especially the slow feeder dog bowl is not easy as you have to reach each spot. There are many ways you can including by hands and a dishwasher.However, not all pet dish can be cleaned through it, especially in the dishwasher after giving the dog with wet food and you just forget to clean it before.

Petco dog bowls also need good maintenance to make it last and prevent bacteria build up. You can simply go to the kitchen sink then a sponge and scrub it. Running the warm water will be much better (not recommended for plastic and glass). Then, add a two or more non-toxic soap then rinse it.

What If You Get a Stubborn Stains?

If the regular cleaning doesn’t work, you can use the steel wool and the Petco dog bowls scrub brush for light scrubbing. scrub it gently so you will not risk your pet dish in damage. After that, clean the bowl with a towel.

Tips for cleaning Petco dog bowls

Just like washing the food dish, you just need to remember this; rinse the bowl with water until it is clearly clean. Even though you know the soap is not typically toxic, this will leave a strange taste on your dog’s tongue. The worst thing you should face is put him in trouble – sickness.

The remaining job you can do is using a towel to wipe the dish for cleaning the residue.

Should I Separate the Dish?

No matter what is the reason, separate the dog bowl from your dish. Your dog might lick the bowl and it has bacteria that could possibly damage yourself, especially if your dog hasn’t got its vaccine. Use dog’s cabinet to keep it from dirt and debris.

That’s all about our recommendation about Petco dog bowls and the bowlmate you should have right now. Cleaning the pet dish well will keep its durability and also prevent your dog from bacteria that causes sickness. Moreover, if you have the dog bowl that is designed specifically to slow down eating.

We hope this article help you!

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