Top 3 Unique Designs from Top Paw Dog Bowls

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Top Paw has been one of the biggest brands that always become pet parents favorite. It is not only about the qualities, but also the variation design that can be fitted with the dog’s need. Besides, what makes us love this brand is the unique design. Check our favorite here!

1. Top Paw® Store ‘n’ Feed Jr Pet Bowl

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If you wish a three-in one dog bowl, this item might be the best option.Why? The Top Paw dog bowls are equipped with two bowls included the self-watering system that you can place a bottle. Therefore, we say it is a practical pet dish you should have. The specification of the bowl includes:

  • Two bowls with 23.6 fl oz or 700 ml to each bowl
  • Storage capacity up to 5 lbs that can hold 2.2 kg dry food
  • The bottle is not included for the self-watering system

The bowls can be placed in the dishwasher as well as wiping it using a damp cloth.

Even though the bowls’ model looks cool, there is also a weakness that the customer doesn’t like. The only problem that often complained is the self-watering system which is not appropriate to the sloppy eater.

2. Top Paw Scroll Elevated Double Dog Feeder
Do you have larger breed? Or Does you furry friend have a joint pain? If so, these elevated dog bowl is good for it.

  • Dimension 12.8 oz, 1.7 pint and also 1.7 quart capacities.
  • Material: stainless steel (dog bowls); wrought-iron stand.


  • The bowl is very easy to clean with dishwasher free and washable by hands.
  • Can be used for indoor or outdoor and stain resistant. Use a damp cloth to wipe the stand.
  • Available color: black and silver

Seeing the reviews from customers, this type seems to be very comfortable as it gets the high rate. However, the design seems to be a trouble for an active dog. Avoid using accessories like name tag to avoid it stuck in the bowl. Besides, there is misleading about the size which for larger breed it is still small. Ask the seller to ensure this bowl fist with your dog’s size.

3. Top Paw® Travel Bowl
Are you a traveler and need Top Paw dog bowls product which meets your need? This travel bowl answers your search. The design is interesting with the bright pink and it can slip in your tiny bag.

Specification and Features

Small size – 5.25×4.5×0.5 inches that can hold up to 1 cup/8 oz.

Large size – 6.75 x 5.875x 0.625 inches that can hold up to 2 cups/16 oz.

The bowl is expandable and can be used for food and water. It can latch onto the dog leash and perfect for on the go use.

For sloppy and messy eater, this bowl is small and you should put it out when your furry friend is hungry. Overall, this bowl is pretty useful.

Some Top Paw dog bowls might not be perfect and cannot fulfill your dog’s need. Apart from the weaknesses, this is more than perfect compared to other brands.

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