Your Dog Has Eating Problem? Try the Wetnoz Dog Bowls!

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Wetnoz dog bowls

There are many problems faced by pet parents about their dogs. some of them are greedy eaters, fast eaters, sloppy drinkers and so on. It is not easy anyway to train your dog. You need a tool to help your furry friend. Including the bowl! Just so lucky to find the Wetnoz dog bowls that are designed to meet the pet parents’ need. Here are our finding that you should put on the list right now!

Wetnoz Dog Bowls Item to Fix Your Pets’ Problem

Large Dogs

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1. Wetnoz Ultra Big Pooch Dog Dish, 5 Cups

Wetnoz Ultra Big Pooch Dog Dish, 5 Cups

If you have a larger breed, the Wetnoz Big Pooch Dog Dish can be perfect as it is made of the premium-grade stainless steel. It has 10×2.5×5.5 inches dimension with the black non-skid rubber fit to prevent gripping, so you see fewer spills and mess. The bowl is completed with a handle that eases you holding it.

It seems to be perfect bowl for everyone, but there is one thing you might don’t like. It is handwash only since the rubber coating will stretch if you do it.

Sloppy Eater

2. Wetnoz Flexi Duo Dog Bowl

Wetnoz Flexi Bowl Duo for Pets

The sloppy eaters are annoying as they leave mess and spill over the floor.Besides, placing the tray under the bowl is not a perfect solution. The tray tends to move which will damage the floor. So, here is the Wetnoz Flexi Duo Dog Bowl that gives you the high-quality stainless steel of bowl and water bowl. It is dishwasher safe and safe for your floor with a non-slip silicone mat. Don’t worry, unlike other products, the Wetnoz’s bowls are attachable so you can clean it separately.

Another features you will like are the free odor, smooth mat and nice colors which are perfect for the home style.

If you have a larger breed, we don’t suggest you use it. Most customers that have 10 pounds dogs have difficulties catch the size.

3. Wetnoz Flexi Dog Bowl, Hibiscus

Wetnoz Flexi Dog Bowl, Hibiscus

Another dog bowl with the anti-slip feature is the Wetnoz Flexi dog bowl, Hibiscus. It is a stainless steel dog bowl actually that features silicone mat to prevent slipping and mess. This is guaranteed odor free and the mat is so smooth. The bowl is also removable as well so you can put it in the dishwasher. There is various size you can buy, from the 3/4 cups until 3 cups.

The size is only appropriate for small dogs. If you wish a bigger bowl, this type doesn’t fill your need.

4. Wetnoz Flexi Bowl Duo for Pets

Wetnoz Flexi Bowl Duo for Pets 3

For little puppies, this product brings nice vibe with small bowls that can hold up to 14.oz to each bowl. Like another Wetnoz dog bowls type, the bowl has no odor and completed with the removable mat.

The only problem that is complained by customers is the spots after cleaning the dirt. But this is ok if you clean it using hand wash method.

Well, about the slow dog feeder, we haven’t found a product from Wetnoz yet. But you could drop comments below for another recommendation!

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