raised feeding bowls for large dogs

What Is The Best Pet Dish Should I have For a Large Dog?

The chance of suffering bloating to a dog often comes to the larger breed. They tend to gulp the food and water all at once which can trap the gas in the stomach and lead to the dangerous condition. Luckily there are many types of dog bowl for large dogs. Check them out!

Raised Feeding Bowls for Large Dogs

If you have some large dogs in your home, especially the older ones with the joint pain, the raised feeding bowls for large dogs are the appropriate one. It will reduce the pain and reduce the paint on the spine. Dogs suffer from arthritis can take some benefit from this bowl too. They don’t need to bend while eating that result discomfort.

However, you need to make sure to buy the appropriate height. You can simply measure the height from paws to its shoulders. The result of your measurements is subtracted with 6 inches. The result must be the right height.

Besides, as it is a bowl for a larger breed, chose a holder that can sit constantly even though it pushes the bowl on. You will see less spill.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

If your raised feeding bowls for large dogs come with the smooth basin, you can opt for the bowl that is designed specifically for the larger breed with extra large size completed with the barriers. This is proven to be effective since the dog is forced to use the tongue rather than gulping the food in mouthfuls. As result, your dog will eat slower and it is very good to prevent bloating, gas and stomach aches.

Ceramic Food Bowls

Ceramic is often designed for the heavy duty pet dish which is very appropriate for the greedy dog. There is also raised feeding bowls for large dogs that is made of ceramic. Most of them come in one stand with a huge bowl. This is one of the must-have items for pet parents if you wish fewer spills in your house.

Automatic Feeders

If you don’t really like the raised feeding bowls for large dogs, the automatic feeders can be the alternative. It is useful for you who often leave the house and away from the dog. Most automatic feeders are designed with timing feature so it can automatically fill once the bowl is empty. Don’t forget to buy automatic dog waterer with a huge reservoir to keep it hydrated while you are out of the house. Large breed often needs more water.

Water Bottles

For sloppy drinker and the greedy hound, the water bottles seem to be a nice tool for dog treats. Most of them can be installed on the wall so the dog can just suck the bottles to drink. It is less spill and will force your furry friend to drink slowly which is very good! Use this to train the dog drink slowly or when you are going out with your friend.

That’s all our tips about the pet dish for a larger breed. Keep in mind to train your dog as they have a tendency to compete while eating the food.


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