Bowls To Help Dogs Eat Slower

You Can Ditch Bowls To Help Dogs Eat Slower! Follow These Guides!

Are you looking for bowls to help dogs eat slower? In fact, there are many side effects you would find when you use the slow feeder dog bowl.

The slow feeders dog bowl are not always good as we think. Somehow, this could lead to a serious problem as you don’t pay attention to it which is why many pet parents should read the following information:

  • Using the bowls to help dogs eat slower is a good idea. The bowl is mostly designed with the barrier that prevents the pup eat faster. However, some barriers are designed to sharp and complicated. Instead of slowing the eating speed, your furry friend bleeds due to the bowl design which is not good.
  • Some dogs are hyperactive. As they cannot reach the food, they flip over the bowl and make a mess to reach it. It is due to the upset feeling that stress out your pet. Therefore your bowls just make a new problem.
  • Slow feeders bowl to help dogs eat slower somehow cannot work efficiently as long as you have multiple dogs at home. For this reason, dogs will always compete eating before its friend gobbles it faster. The natural behavior of making competition should be changed so your pups can eat in peace even though you use the regular pet dish.

How to Train the Pups without Using Bowls to Help Dogs Eat Slower?
There are many ways you can do to train your pets without using the slow feeder bowls. The key point is behaving them by letting them know that the meal time is not a competition. Using the bowls to help eat slowly is good, but you should make some treatments as follow:

Dispenser Toy for Dogs
The alternative method you can try is dividing the meal portion into a small section. You can try making its meal time more fun with the dispenser toy. Fill it with the food and let the dog challenge them with food. The right time to play it is at the meal time to distract its concentration and treat it that your pet is not doing a competition. This can make them more relaxed.

Cookie Sheet
Serve your pups using the cookie sheet. This will force your furry friend to lick instead of gulping it. A nice try for your pets anyway!

Muffin Tin
Using muffin tin can be a greater way to force your pup to eat slower. The need to take the food slowly due to its design is a great way to train your pet.

Think about Food Nutrition
One of the logical reason why dogs eat quickly and feel hungry every time is due to lack of nutrition. Be sure to check your pet’s health and check the food you serve every day. This could be the main reason why a dog eats excessively. The hunger forces it to eat faster to fill the body’s need. If your vet says the same thing, arrange your pets’ diet to help it.

Well, we know that using bowls to help dogs eat slower is good, but you can analyze the factor that leads it to its condition. Some treatments need to be conducted after all.

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