Slow Drink Dog Bowl

Slow Drink Dog Bowl for Excessive Drinker Is Not Enough!

Slow Drink Dog Bowl – Every dog owners will concern about its habit including drinking. While most pet owners will worry about greedy eater, drinking should have the same portion too! Well, most dogs somehow will drink and eat too fast resulting in a bad health problem.

A dog sometimes will gulp the water all at once when the day is too hot as a sign of dehydration. But when you notice yourself refilling the dog bowl too often and see your pet drink water from the toilet, maybe you have to think something worse. Your furry friend might show a sign of disease.

Why Is the Dog Drink Excessively?
According to Petmd site, drinking too much water is often associated with polydipsia. This condition happens when the seasons change and during the hotter temperature. It is also a sign of rehydrating the body and a sign of losing too much liquid from the body, including diarrhea or blood loss.

Can Excessive Drinking Be Associated with Diseases?
This could be a sign of health issue including kidney insufficiency, diabetes, liver disease, infection, adrenal hormone disease and so on.

However, some dogs are naturally excessive water drinkers especially the larger breed. If you notice it as behavior change, you must take some concerns.

What Can I Do When I find My Dog Drink Too Much?
There are many ways to stop drinking too fast. This includes using the slow drink dog bowl. This is claimed can slow down your sloppy drinker pet to drink well.

Use Slow Drink Dog Bowl

Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture
Like the slow feeder dog bowl, the drinking dog bowl is also designed to slow down the drinking fast habit.

The Alfie Pet has an 8.4-inch diameter and 2.9-inch height. This is appropriate for medium size breeds. The bowl is completed with an obstacle in the middle of the bowl to control the dog’s drinking speed. It is completed with the non-skid bottom so it will not drop the water. Besides, you can use the dishwasher and remove the obstacle once your dog finishes the training.

Most customers don’t find it work for the smaller dog so if you have the little pups, think again before buying it.

Elevated Feeder Dog Bowls
If you are running out of ideas, you can buy the elevated dog bowl stand to place the slow drink dog bowl. This will force the dog to stretch the neck and prevent them gulping the water all at once. However, keep in mind elevated dog bowl will result exacerbating issue as well.

Floater Bowl
It typically uses the floating dish that allows small amounts of water so the pup will not gulp down the water.

Put Ice Cube Inside the Bowl
Ice Cube on the slow drink dog bowl will be an alternative if this makes you feel depressed. Most dogs will play the ice so it distracts its attention from gulping down the water.

At the end, you must be very patient. Some tips above will not work in short time unless you force your furry friend to do it daily.

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