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Larger Breed? Put These on the Shopping List Aside from Single Raised Dog Bowl Stand

Having a dog with 50 pounds or more, you are now classified to be busy pet parents to find out the best pet dish so your furry friend can eat comfortably. One of them is the single raised dog bowl that turns the meal time be easier and fun. The one that is needed by your dog is the appropriate elevated dish with single raised dog bowl stand. Why should this be single stand? Well, let say that the single bowl will be very effective and flexible for them instead of the triple bowls that come in small sizes. If it does, this will eat your room space and remains some problems especially if your dog is a sloppy eater.

However, some people don’t like the single raised dog bowl stand that much. But our list below should be put on your shopping list.

1. Single Raised Dog Bowl from Pet Junkie
The bowl can hold up to 44 oz with 10 inches tall. It is perfect for the larger breed that eats food excessively. It is an alternative of single raised dog bowl stand that is made of heavy solid cast resin which will not flip over when your pet tries to push it on. This quite heavy! Cleaning procedures? Don’t worry, this Pet Junkie has a removable inner bowl to make you easy to clean it.

2. Slow Feeder Dog Bowl
You can put the slow feeder dog bowl to a single raised dog bowl stand. Just make sure you find out the one that fit the diameter. Most homeowners use the stand to help the older pet eat comfortably. Most older pet has arthritis which needs to avoid joint pain. Meanwhile, the slow feeder dog bowl can help them slow down the eating speed. This will prevent the pet to gulp the food and water all at once which causes bloating and stomach aches.

3. Ceramic Food Bowls

There are many ceramic food bowls that are designed for a larger breed. It is safe and will not contaminate the food. Most ceramics are sturdy and easy to clean. Just be careful with the sloppy eaters that possibly can drop the bowl, especially if you use the weak raised dog bowl stand. One another good thing that you put on your shopping list is the varieties of colors, patterns, and designs. Ceramic dog bowls often use to boost the home look as well.

4. Automatic Feeders

If you don’t want to put a risk on the elevated dog bowls, the automatic feeders can be the alternative. It is a perfect way to portion your pet’s meal and schedule the eating time, especially if you are often out of the home. You can also divide the dog’s eating portion into a small portion that can be used as a train to help them slow down the eating speed and reduce the weight due to obesity.

Well, raising a larger breed sometimes make you be more careful. You have to concern about the pet dish and the eating method to keep its health. Hope the tips above help you!

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