Raised Food Bowls For Dogs ~ It Is Myth or Truth?

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raised food bowls for dogs

Over the years, the raised food bowls for dogs still becomes a hard debate. Some issues like health problem including indigestion and bloating are said as the main headline to promote the product. However, is it a fact or a myth? We find several proofs to help you decide.

Raised Food Bowls for Dogs, Myth or Truth?

1. Reduce the Bloat for Large Breeds
It is totally a myth. Many studies said elevated does conversely to your dog health. As we quoted from the Peteducation.com, it conversely said the elevated dog bowl will induce bloating. However, the study wasn’t perfect. It needs more research to prove whether the raised food dog bowls for dogs can prevent bloating or not.

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Some experts believe that using this elevated bowl will fill the dog stomach with air and food which results in this condition. The dogs often look panic and begin trying to vomit the food but it fails to do it. In conclusion, thinking that elevated dog bowls can prevent bloating is likely wrong.

2. It Can Improve the Dog’s Posture
We can say this is true or false. The first reason we want to inform is the dog naturally eat with a head down posture. That’s why this is not necessary to give the pup this bowl.

In the other hand, the elevated dog bowl can be very beneficial for pets that suffer from arthritis, injured dogs, joint pain, immobility problems and others. If you give the raised dog bowl for pets with this condition, it is totally true that it can help reduce the pain and improve posture. If we see it from a different case, this kind of bowl can be good and bad.

3. The Raised Food Bowls For Dogs Promote Cleaner Eating
It is false. We are not sure if your dog will clean tidily. There is no logical reason for it. As the dog consumes food and drinks water, your pet still can spill over the food which it has a tendency to play it by pushing it and drop the food. To prevent the dirt, place a pet tray or placement mat. Make sure to watch it while eating.

4. The Elevated Bowl Don’t Slide Across the Floor
The only problem that is often hated by pet parents is when the dog push on the dish. It can damage the floor and remains spills.  Using the raised food bowls for dogs is a good idea to prevent the move. However, it is not the only solution. You need rubber right on the button to fix this issue.

5. It Trains the Dog to Behave
Dogs, mostly puppies make the bowl as if their pool. The love put the paws inside the bowl and play it. The elevated dog bowl is the greatest solution to prevent this case.


The Verdict:

Buying the elevated dog bowls are good or not? Well, itdepends on the needs. The elevated dog bowls might be a good choice, but for some cases, this is not the best option.

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