Collapsible Dog Bowl for Your Traveling Companion

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collapsible dog bowl

Once at a time, we are worried to leave the dog at home, but at the same time, we really want to enjoy the fresh air like go hiking and camping. You can bring the dog with you and they will not leave troubles except where to give them food.

The collapsable dog bowl is great for you. Even it can make your driving great as it fits with the car. You can also bring it during the cycling.

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What Is the Benefit of Colapsable Dog Bowl for Traveling?

There are many types of travel dog bowls, but picking the colapsible gives you a different reason. It is easy storage with the bowls fold flat feature. To make it short, here is the best colapsible dog bowl.

Healthy Human

This is a stainless steel colapsible dog bowl set that comes in two item of small bowls, three items of medium bowls and four items of four bowls. It comes with great colors including green, pink and blue. With the human grade stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about the toxic, eco-friendly and so on. Besides, the bowl is dishwasher free and extremely durable. Interestingly, it can be used for food and water.

The individual lids are not included and the bowls have to set together. Besides, if you have larger breeds, this set is not appropriate.

Prima Pets Silicone Food

It is not made of silicone anyway, but the high-quality silicone should reduce the worries. The bowls come in various sizes including the 1.5 cups up to 5 cups. It is pet safe and 100% guaranteed free from BPA.

Most customers love this product due to its flexibility to maintain and use. The bowl set is dishwasher safe and can be attached to the leash. Besides, it comes with a less expensive price. The plastic ring will prevent the dog to spill over the bowl.

Even though the Prima Pets set comes with a great feature, there is also a weakness that you don’t like. This has been reported to crack after used over time.


Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture

The bowl can be easily packed and carried with a waterproof and durable fabric interior. Even though your dog accidentally bumps it, it can stay upright. This can hold up to 6.25 cups or 50ounces. It is a handy stuff that can be used for car rides and travel. You can buy the bowl happily since it is cheap.

It is the best colapsible dog bowl right now, but this results in the strong smell, but it can dissipate over time. If you have a larger breed, this is not the best option right now. Additionally, once the bowl is used for a long time, some customers reported a leak.

Well, that’s our short reviews about the colapsible dog bowl you can pick. They are all great for your traveling companion without making the dog starving. You just need to make sure what is the best for your need. Hope this article help you!

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