dog bowl to slow down eating

Recommended Dog Bowl To Slow Down Eating, effective yet attractive too!

Meal time is always exciting for the pets. Nevertheless, there is sometimes misunderstanding when the pet-parents got their pets eat greedily before having a dog bowl to slow down eating. You might be thinking that your pet has a big appetite yet, unfortunately, it doesn’t. In fact, there are some factors that involve them to eat faster and one of them is the competitiveness among your pets. It always feels there will be another pet or puppy take their meal soon so they behave to eat greedily and faster.

It can trigger to occur the bloat. Where this condition can be dangerous for themselves if happens continuously. For the better solution, start to find your own dog bowl to slow down eating. Here are some reviews of the most recommended dog bowl.

  1. No Gulp Small Slow Feeder from Trixie

3. Trixie Small Slow Feeder No Gulp

The shape of this slow feeder bowl is more traditional but it gets a high rate 4.5/5 among other modern dog bowls indeed.

(+) The benefits :

  • Their raised nodule is very effective in slowing down your pet while eating. This model is still used even for the water as well.
  • It is designed to be a travel-friendly dog bowl.
  • It also has three other option sizes.
  • The high edge makes the meal stay in the dish so it prevents the mess.

(-) The costs :

  • Since it is a travel-friendly dog bowl, it has a light weight though. It moves easily for sure.
  • The material is designed for traveling. It is made by brittle plastic so they easy to break or chew.
  • This kind of dog bowl to slow down eating burden for the short nose dogs.


  1. Large Orange Fun Feeder – Kyjen 51001

Kyjen 51001

Its bright color somehow bursting the enjoyment of the meal time. It’s also deliberately designed to lengthening your pet’s meal time and keep them interesting as they eat.

(+) The benefits :

  • It was made of a high-quality plastic with a food-safe ABS grade as well.
  • Good for the short nose dogs
  • It is a non-slip base with various colors and sizes choice.
  • it’s dishwasher safe too.

(-) The costs :

  • it is quite large for the limit space.
  • Its complicated design sometimes makes the foods get stuck. In the other side, this design makes us difficult to clean the bowl up even however they still get 4.5/5 stars with that design.


  1. The green slow feeder from Company of Animals

Company of Animal’s The Green Slow Feeder

The design is very unique; like a mimic grass, so your pet will mentally stimulate whilst eating and more enjoy their meal in every bite of them. This bowl also keeps the scatter wet, dry or even raw food between their blunt blades.

(+) The benefits :

  • Its unique design is effective to extend the meal time naturally.
  • This kind of dog bowl to slow down eating luckily dishwasher safe and available in 2 sizes options.

(-) The costs :

  • That grass blocks the short nose dogs from reaching their food.
  • It is extremely easy to move bowl because they didn’t have any slip feet.
  • It doesn’t suitable to put them in limited space.


  1. Wangstar – Dog bowl to slow down eating

Wangstar – Dog bowl to slow down eating

A unique flowers design is totally interesting. Either for the food or even for the water, this bowl promotes healthy eating as well.

(+) The benefits :

  • This sturdy bowl was made by silicone rather than plastic.
  • They have anti slip base to prevent the bowl move easily.
  • Even their design tend to be more complex than other, they’re still dishwasher safe to clean them easier.

(-) The costs :

  • More suitable for the smaller dog but not for the short nose dogs.

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